1st day – 28 March 2017

08:30-09:15 Registration and morning coffee

09:15-09:45 The opening ceremony of the Symposium

  • Jerzy Kalinowski, Chairman of the Advisory Boards of Telecommunications and Media World Symposium, Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications in Poland and CEE, KPMG in Poland

9:15-9:45 Speech of the Special Guest.

  • Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski, Executive Secretary, European Telecommunications Satellite Organization EUTELSAT IGO

09:45-11:00 Poland as hub of innovation in new media area and telecommunication in CEE region. Do polish telecommunication and media companies have a chance to expand globally? Regional expansion of polish business – evaluation of chances and risks.

  • What potential international expansion they are now Polish companies from the new technologies, media and telecommunications?
  • Does Poland arise at the moment innovations / startups in the field of modern technology, media and telecommunications?
  • How to stimulate innovation in the area of new technology, media and telecommunications?
  • Is the existing Polish business ecosystem enough to support the development of innovative start-ups?
  • What should be the role in stimulating innovation of the biggest Polish players in the industry of new technologies, media and telecommunications?
  • Is the current pro-innovative policy of the State is sufficient in terms of innovation development? What else could you do to stimulate the development of innovation in the sector of new technologies, media and telecommunications?
  • Can Poland be for perspective next 5 years the regional hub of innovation in the field of new technology, media and telecommunications


  • Jerzy Kalinowski, Chairman of the Advisory Boards of Telecommunications and Media World Symposium, Partner, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications in Poland and CEE, KPMG in Poland


  • Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO, G2A
  • Paweł Pisarczyk, President of the Management Board, Atende Software
  • Maciej Kowalski, Partner/Board Member, MCI Capital
  • Rafał Agnieszczak, Founder of Fotka.pl

11:00-12:15 Digital client expectations

  • Customer service perfection – what do digital customers expect from telecomms, media and digital service providers
  • Competition vs. Partnership: in which form will converged market of telecommunicaction, media and digital services develop in Poland
  • Ecosystem of future
  • Telecommunication operator’s product portfolio diversification – multioperator or rather adding other media like electricity, gas or water to portfolio, do bank services affect a lot sales increase, profitability and operator’s attractivness?


  • Jakub Bierzyński, President of the Board, OMD


  • Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, President of the Management Board, Virgin Mobile Polska
  • Przemysław Kurczewski, President of the Management Board , EmiTel
  • Marek Borzestowski, Partner, Giza Ventures Poland
  • Robert Bednarski, Managing Director for CEE, Facebook

12:15-12:45 Coffee break

12:45-14:00 Business digitalization – possibilities and risks

  • Radio digitization
  • New business models in media (media digitization)
    • OTT as a new way to deliver content
    • New services (Multiroom, 4K, Watch & Record 3.1)
  • What kind of change bring galloping technological changes in the world of telecommunications and the media?
    • Television 4K opportunity for operators
    • Interactive TV
    • Future Technologies (AR, VR)
    • Digitization channels – Convergence offers telecom operators
    • One service TV / VoD independent terminal and network
    • Network integration in the context of the provision of multimedia services
    • The new set-top box (STB 4K LTE)


  • Emil Konarzewski, Managing Partner, Audytel S.A.


  • Piotr Muszyński, Vice President of the Management Board for Strategy and Transformation, Orange Polska
  • Witold Kołodziejski, Chairman of The National Broadcasting Council
  • Andrzej Matuszyński, President of the Management Board, Eurozet
  • Aleksander Kutela, CEO, Grupa Onet
  • Jacek Silski, President, Polish Chamber of Digital Radiocommunication

14:00-15:15 Polish TV market – which direction does it take?

  • Ultra High Definition Television technologoy
  • Untapped potential of the Polish DTH market
  • Satellite technology as complementation to fiber-optic technology
  • How to achieve the best coverage and the success of pay-TV operations?
  • How do new technologies improve distribution of content?
  • Is there a place for new sources of technologies on the market?
  • Analysis of the effects of technological changes
  • Creating new tactics presence on the market – search for opportunities
  • The phenomenon of moving television to the Internet – the consequences for satellite TV


  • Krzysztof Król, Representative of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications


  • Dariusz Działkowski, Management Board Member, Technology, Cyfrowy Polsat
  • Maciej Stanecki, Board Member, Telewizja Polska
  • Jarosław Kordalewski, Vicepresident of the Board, NC+
  • Przemysław Kurczewski, President of the Management Board, EmiTel

15:15-16:15 Lunch

2dn day – 29 March 2017

09:30-10:00 Registration and morning coffee

10:00-11:15 Technologies of future in communication and media. What impact AI, VR and AR are going to have in forming telecommunication and media?

  • Cognictive technology of Virtual Reality VR – what possibilities and risks does it create for marketing and interpersonal communication?
  • VR vs AR (Augmented Reality) as communication platoform – what profits and where are they waiting for customers. Can polish companies compete on global area?
  • Is Machine Learning primary technology of the future? How is it going to affect our life, communication and shopping processes.
  • What role is gaming world going to play in communication scope


  • Monika Mizielińska-Chmielewska, Expert of new technologies’ market, Media Trend


  • Radosław Semkło, Managing Director, Asseco Poland
  • Sylwia Zdanowicz, Director of Marketing, G2A
  • Dariusz Andrian, CEO, VML Poland
  • Dariusz Gorajek, Telecommunication & Media Market Director, Atos Polska

11:15-12:30 5G – regulatory challenges and opportunities for the development of IoT new business models

  • Whether and how construction of 5G networks can be implemented in Polish conditions? – The investment requirements and their feasibility in RoI logic
  • How to reconcile it with low ARPU, which reach country operators?
  • The need for changes in the telecommunications regulatory framework, in connection with the European implementation 5G plan
  • The potential of new business models, IoT products and services made possible by the implementation of 5G
  • European ecosystem 5G – whether and to what extent can we participate in it?
  • The impact of the European Deployment Plan 5G on the Digital Single Market
  • The impact of 5G and IoT for other industries, such as: telemetry, automotive, media, healthcare (eHealth) etc.


  • Jerzy Żurek, Director, National Institute of Telecommunications


  • Paweł Karłowski, General Director CEE, Russia & CIS at BT Global Services, British Telecom CEE
  • Michał Połzun, Director Department of Telecommunication, Ministry of Digital Affairs
  • Martin Mellor, President of the Board, Ericsson
  • Radosław Semkło, Managing Director, Asseco Poland
  • Jacek Niewęgłowski, Cheif Strategy Officer, P4
  • Krzysztof Sągolewski, Director of Operational Solutions, Huawei Poland

12:30-13:00 Coffee break

13:00-14:15 Telecommunication and media world regulations

  • How to adjust converged sector of telecommunication, media and digital entertiment
  • Less paper – relations between businessmen and clients
  • Personal Data Protection Act – what else companies are required to do in order to adjust themselves to new EU reforms
  • Data retention – latest trends
  • e-Privacy directive – conducted business activity implications
  • Assets concentration, pluralism of content – european adjustment experiences, national perspective
  • Regulations which affect commercial market (pharmaceutical commercials, diet supplements, others)
  • Geoblocking


  • Wojciech Dziomdziora, Counsel, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka


  • Jakub Turowski, Head of Public Policy for Poland, Facebook
  • Witold Kołodziejski, Chairman of The National Broadcasting Council
  • Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Maciej Rogalski, President of the Management Board, T-Mobile in 2011 – 2015
  • Andrzej Abramczuk, Partner, the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Robert Kroplewski, Plenipotentiary of Minister of Digital Affairs for Information Society

14:15-15:30 Future of commercial market in Poland

  • Media market risks – commercial restrictions and prohibitions
  • Internet ad-blocking phenomenon and its impact on future of media business models
  • Concentration of brokerage services – a threat to the advertising market from the perspective of the developed markets in Europe and the Polish market
  • Prospects for the development of the advertising market in Poland versus global trends differences in market trends, the dynamics of change and a suggestion
  • Development of commercial trade’s digital competences. How to satisfy increasing expectations? How to care about development of personnel in digital world?


  • Katarzyna Niedźwiedź-Szałajko, Redactor TV Puls
  • Panelists:

    • Dariusz Dąbski, President of the Management Board, TV Puls
    • Włodzimierz Schmidt, President of the Management Board, IAB Polska
    • Mariusz Grzesiuk, Director of Legal Department, Grupa Onet-RASP
    • Marcin Gudowicz, Vicepresident Management of the Board, IAA Poland
    • Andrzej Karasowski, Director of Premium TV, TVN

    15:30-16:30 Lunch